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Our Hotel
Very Flexible & eager to assist guest with any questions, concerns, or services,
your Gateway into the community

The Prince Garden Hotel in Mrauk- U is the first the pioneer tourist accommodations in 1996 when advisors told the present owner that there weren't enough tourists and his prices were too low. Well. not much has changed except that some rich people from Yangon have set up some typical expensive hotels. But t he Prince Garden Hotel remains a favorite and is similar to a small, shady, cheap resort close enough to stage adventures from with a pleasant private atmosphere for relaxing. The friendly, local family feel at the prince sets you at ease. It doesn't have the sterile feeling of the bland western style hotel instead the family run establishment homey & full of personality inviting you into experience as a friend and polite enough to allow you the ease of enjoying the serenity.

The prince Garden Hotel is always improving on its special niche of being a delightful experience unique to Mrauk-U With the best view of the surrounding country side and monuments. Clean comfortable rooms-delicious meals all set within a lush tropical garden environment at the lowest prices. You can easily spend months here enjoying the many creative destinations suggested personally by the owner who can answer your questions and be of any requested assistance.

You will find it fascinating that your hot shower is heated by burning rice husks! Electricity is available whenever you want it because the Prince Garden Hotel has a generator and battery to supplement the regular ration of power provided per day. Lack of refrigeration is made up for by an ice box which can offer you a cold beer when you request in advance.

The staff consists of Husband & wife owners, a few young men. And two ladies in charge of the kitchen, who are real sweet hearts but don't speak a word of English. The meals are phenomenal fresh straight from the market and prepared to be safe on your stomach, but delightful to you month. You can sample a wide changing variety of dishes at each meal or select favorites.

The Prince Garden is neatly nestled out of hear shot in the distance just around the corner from town so you can steep soundly on plush beds with mosquito net and Every Room has a personal bathroom attached.



Mrauk U Prince Hotel

Mraund Bwe Road, Alzee Quarter, Mrauk U,
Rakhine State, Myanmar.
Tel: (+9543) 501 74, (+959) 450 539 834, (+959) 495 833 11



Sittway (Akyab) Prince Hotel

No. 27, Main Road, Rupa Quarter, Sittway,
Rakhine State, Myanmar.
Tel: (+9543) 225 39


Reservation Office Yangon

No. 117, 2nd Floor, Shwe Bon Tha Street, Pabedan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
HP: (+959) 503 4780


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Mrauk U Prince Hotel (mrauk u prince hotel) is a hotel in rakhine state (mrauk u hotel rakhine state) where we offer the best services of the Mrauk U Hotels (hotel in mrauk u), in the heart of the ancient Mrauk U City (ancient mrauk u). Mrauk U (mrauk u hotel) was also known as Arakan (arakhan hotel) before. So, Mrauk U Hotel lies (maruk u hotel arakhan state) in the Arakan State. There are famous pagodas such as Shittaung Pagoda (shitthaung pagoda mrauk u) and Koethaung Pagoda (koethaung pagoda mrauk u), and also there is the great Kissapanidi River (kisspanadi mrauk u) flowing through the Rakhine State. There is a nearby Tatoo village (tatto women) where you can see the Mrauk U women with Tatoos (mrauk u tatto women) on their faces. Mrauk U Prince Hotel of Rakhine (mrauk u hotel rakhine) can also guide you as an Arakan Travel guide (arakhan travel) while you are staying at the Rakhine Hotel (rakhine hotel) or the Arakan Hotel at Mrauk U (arakhan hotel mrauk u).

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